The Advantage of Having an Appellate Firm on Your Side

Appellate litigation is a specialized area of legal practice. It is not merely a continuation of trial court proceedings. As a result, the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare briefing which will persuade an appellate court are quite specific. For example, appellate proceedings rely almost exclusively on written briefs, which will be read and analyzed by at least three appellate justices with more time and more research attorneys than a superior court judge generally has available, and according to standards and presumptions quite different than those applied in the trial court. In addition, given the nature of appellate review and the potential for reevaluation of prior precedent, appellate counsel must be cognizant as to how a legal result he or she advocates in a particular case would fit into - or possibly change - a given area of law. (See, e.g., In re Marriage of Shaban (2001) 88 Cal.App.4th 398, 408-410.)

The upshot of these considerations is that appellate practice entails rigorous original work in its own right. The appellate practitioner who takes trial level points and authorities and, without reconsideration or additional research, merely shovels them in to an appellate brief, is producing a substandard product. (In re Marriage of Shaban, 88 Cal.App.4th at p. 410.)

The attorneys at Esner Chang & Boyer possess the knowledge, savvy, and skills necessary to effectively litigate in the appellate arena.   All three partners  are certified as appellate specialists by the California State Bar's Board of Legal Specialization, and together they have more than 65 years experience practicing appellate law exclusively.  

The attorneys at Esner, Chang & Boyer truly love practicing appellate law and love working with their clients towards positive results, whether it be the reversal of an erroneous ruling below or the affirmance of a correct one.